Sarah’s Beer of the Week

Sarah’s Beer of the Week 07.23.15

David, my buddy at Renton Kia gave me a growler of his favorite beer, a porter from Elk Head Brewing in Buckley.  Buckley is not an area I get out to much, so this was […]


Sarah Brew Tour

Sarah’s Brewery Visit: Silver City Brewery

We’re leaving the Emerald City for a new residency….. in the Silver City.


Sarah, a bike and a view!

Sarah Bikes, Horseback Rides, Drinks Beer in Idaho

Last week my husband Matt and I went to Idaho for vacation.  He loves to fly fish, so we went to a lodge that specializes in that.  Teton Valley Lodge is a beautiful spot, with […]



Sarah’s Brewery Visit: Redhook Brewery

Bicycles, Beers, and Cheers…… also, food. Lots of food. To Redhook we go!


Happy beer face

Sarah’s Beer of the Week 06.18.15

Many brewers are opting to can their 12 oz beers and I love it.  It’s easier to carry, it’s easier to store, and it’s easier to bring on a picnic or camping.  I spotted a […]


happy beer face

Sarah’s Beer of the Week 06.11.15

I love big beers.  And I don’t mean the ones that have 9% ABV.  I love a big bottle, or a big can of beer.  If you get a big boy, you can share with […]


Sarah’s Beer of the Week 06.04.15

Good news for fans of the TV show Entourage…the feature film is in theaters now!  What does this have to do with my beer of the week?  Well, there is a connection to the movie […]



Sarah’s Brewery Visit: Airways Brewing

Looks like we’re flying First Class.


beer is my friend

Sarah’s Beer of the Week 04.30.15

Who can complain about a restaurant that offers a great menu of food, and a rotating list of local and imported beer.  And who can complain about beer and pizza.  The Masonry in Seattle offers […]