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Sarah’s Beer of the Week

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Sarah’s Brewery Visit: Black Raven Brewing Co.

To start off Sarah’s Summer of Beer, Sarah, The Beatnik, Olivia the Elder, Penelope (aka Stacy) and Johnny Rocket visited Black Raven Brewing Co. in Redmond.



Sarah’s Beer of the Week 07.24.14

Ahhh Summer.  A precarious beer time for many.  It can be hot.  Sometimes it’s cold.  What to drink when it’s hot.  What to drink when it’s not.  You always feel like you should be drinking […]


Beer smiles

Sarah’s Beer of the Week 07.17.14

If you’re like me and you wake up early for work, you probably love Happy Hour.  You get to enjoy a cocktail or beer at a better price than your late sleeping brethren.  Olivia the […]


Lean in

Sarah’s Beer of the Week 07.03.14

Hi ho hi ho, it’s off to happy hour we go.  Scott Vanderpool, Gibbons, The newly 21 year old Tori, Olivia (the elder of course) and Chris ‘The Beatnik’ Coyle.  We went to Jabu’s Pub, […]


Beer Smiles

Sarah’s Beer of the Week 06.26.14

Now that Summer is officially here we’ll start seeing more and more Summer Ale’s and Hef’s on tap.  Matt and I joined friends Rick Jones (of Goldberg Jones but no we aren’t getting a divorce) […]


beer selfies

Sarah’s Beer of the Week 06.19.14

Throughout the years I’ve seen and hear the name Shiner in when it comes to beer.  It’s a seemingly popular beer brand from Texas.  I finally cracked and decided to give it a try.  Shiner […]



Sarahs Beer of the Week 06.12.14

Is it crazy to fly to California just to have a beer you can’t get in the state of Washington?  Not when that beer is Pliny the Elder.  Yes, it’s that good.  Russian River Brewing […]


Beer smiles

Sarah’s Beer of the Week 06.05.14

I drive past the Nickerson Street Saloon all the time, and had never been in, until this week.  Matt and I made a last minute decision to pull in and see what it was all […]


happy beer face

Sarah’s Beer of the Week 05.29.14

For my beer of the week I went with my husband and his boss Darren to Fiddler’s Inn Pub and Restaurant in Wedgewood.  They have an extensive beer list, and a warm environment.  And fiddles.  […]


Sarah and beer

Sarah’s Beer of the Week 05.22.14

It’s always good when Matt’s boss comes over, because he is a beer lover and always brings something interesting to try out.  He gifted us with a beer from GoodLife Brewing Company (Oregon) called Mountain […]