Sarah’s Beer of the Week

Sarah's Beer of the Week 11.16.15Over the weekend the Beer Posse went to Two Beers Brewing Company in SoDo.
Sarah's Beer of the Week 11.05.15
Sarah's Beer of the Week 10.22.15
Sarah's Beer of the Week 10.08.15A new German beer hall opened in lower Queen Anne. The bad news is, it's walking distance to my house. Why is this bad news? This place is AWESOME!!!
Sarah's Beer of the Week 10.01.15 I found an unusual looking beer called Scurry, from Off Color Brewing (Chicago, IL)
Sarah's Brewery Visit: Elliot Bay BrewingDown by the bay, where the beer is brewed, Incredible's Farewell.
Sarah's Brewery Visit: Counterbalance Brewing CompanyFor those of you who wobble.....
KZOK Classic Rock Amber Release Party (The Video)Here are some locations, as well as the Video of the Night the Legend was born
KZOK & Bellevue Brewing Company Present: KZOK Classic Rock AmberIT'S ALIVE!
Sarah's Beer of the Week 07.23.15
Sarah's Brewery Visit: Silver City BreweryWe're leaving the Emerald City for a new residency..... in the Silver City.
Sarah Bikes, Horseback Rides, Drinks Beer in Idaho
Sarah's Brewery Visit Videos
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