Paul Joins The Quarrymen, John Makes The Mistake That Nixon Will Use: This Day In Classic Rock [Video]Rocktober 18th: Watch Elvis get in a fist fight...not a real one or anything, but he did today in ' don't mess with The King. The first video ever played on MTV, a propaganda film telling you to stay away from that evil stuff John Lennon was doing, and more in today's bitchin' videos...
Spittin' On The Stones, The Beatles Pimp Pot, And Sgt. Pepper Kills Careers: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]July 24th: In which we see live Stones, Byrds, and Badfinger, plus Paul McCartney's version of the hit song he gave Them, and Ringo talks about smoking weed with Bob Dylan!
Don't Spit On Keith, The Beatles Pot Petition, And Sgt. Pepper Ends It For Frampton And The Bee Gees: This Day In Classic Rock [Video] Videos today of The Stones live in '64, Paul's many pot busts, Ringo with Peter Sellers, Peter Frampton and The Bee Gees....ugh.....and lots more!

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