Pink Floyd

David Gilmour of Pink Floyd (Jo Hale/Getty Images)

David Gilmour Covers The Beatles Classic “Here, There and Everywhere.”

Gilmour’s dreamy take on the ballad sticks very closely to the original.


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Roger Waters: Planning an Album, Tour, Memoirs

All of these revelations came out sort of causally in an interview with Israeli newspaper Haaretz.


David Gilmour of Pink Floyd (Jo Hale/Getty Images)

David Gilmour Confirms End Of Pink Floyd

Don’t hold your breath for another Floyd album.


Pink Floyd circa their first album, which came out today in 1967. (Keystone/Getty Images)

Floyd’s Debut Album, Lennon Ends Retirement, And The Guy Who Played Danny’s Bass: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]

August 4th: In which we see live Beatles, Zeppelin, the guy who played most of Danny’s bass parts in The Partridge Family, and more in Seattle’s best video at-work time waster!


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Tori Kicks Off The Vinyl Blog: Pink Floyd

To christen this vinyl blog I would like to start off with a psychedelic masterpiece that often gets overlooked by mainstream rock listeners


HBD in the great hereafter to Pink Floyd's Rick Wright, here playing Live 8 in 2002. (MJ Kim/Getty Images)

Beatles Get A Shock, And The Biggest Show Ever: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]

July 28th: In which we see the Beatles in Sweden, surrounded by blonde lovelies…The Dead, the Allmans and the Band play for 600,000+…and hear Pink Floyd’s Rick Wright play his piano part from Dark Side….solo? Oh it’s perty!


David Gilmour of Pink Floyd (Jo Hale/Getty Images)

Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour to Release ‘Rattle That Lock’ in the Fall

Former Pink Floyd guitarist/singer David Gilmour announced a new album, “Rattle that Lock,” and a few U.S. tour dates.


Roger Waters

Watch the Trailer for Roger Waters’ ‘The Wall’ Film

“The Wall” tour put a lot of focus on the futility and evils of war; it looks like the documentary examines this point a bit further.


Sir Doctor Brian May of Queen loves little animals just like Ted Nugent, but for different reasons. (Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Dave Clark Gets A Movie Too, Mott Trash The Royal Albert, Lennon Likes The B-52’s: This Day In Classic Rock [Video]

July 8th: In which we see the trailer for The Dave Clark 5’s movie, Mick and Keith’s big ’67 drug bust, and a side-by-side Yoko Ono-B-52’s comparison for your musical perusal…


HBD to Ringo, maybe not technically the best drummer ever, but certainly the most influential: John Bonham, Ginger Baker, Keith Moon, and Neil Peart would all start playing because of him. (Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Two Sunny Songs, Bonzo’s Last Zeppelin Show, And Syd Checks Out: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]

July 7th: In which we see The Kinks not so sunny video for Sunny Afternoon, Ringo’s 70th birthday party 5 years ago, and interviews with him through the years….