Ray Charles...The Jackie Robinson Of Rock, Zeppelin Are Almost Loudest, And Happy Birthday Yoko: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]February 18th: The Beach Boys recording Good Vibrations...Zeppelin down under in '72...Freddy Mercury's last public appearance, Boyce and Hart on Bewitched, and....Yoko singing! You KNOW you want to see that!
Lars Ulrich on Lou Reed: 'We Were Both Outsiders'"We both never felt comfortable going down the same path that everyone else was doing. Metallica's always been autonomous, and Lou Reed is the godfather of being an outsider, being autonomous, marching to his own drum."
Lou Reed Not Taking Criticism Well According To Lars Ulrich
Lou Reed Says "Lulu Is Over Most Peoples Heads"
Metallica Took A Walk On The Wildside With Lou Reed And Ended Up DOA
Metallica Fans Now Threatening To Kill Lou Reed Over Lulu Project
Lars Ulrich On Metallica and Lou Reeds Lulu Project

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