Louie Louie

HBD to The Police's frontman Sting. (Central Press/Getty Images)

The Shortest Chart Topper Ever, And The Dead Become Hippies: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]

Washington almost had an official State Rock Song thanks to Almost Live host Ross Shafer…but another state did get one! Tour Haight-Ashbury with pinched-cheek media members, and see The Dead’s pad! Plus live Genesis, Pink Floyd, and The Police!


Birthday boy Jack Bruce reunited with his old Cream bandmates in 2005. (Scott Gries/Getty Images)

The Rascals Make A Statement, John And Paul Wonder “Where’s Johnny?”, And Jack Bruce Is 70: This Day In Classic Rock [Video]

See Jason Bonham’s home video of the ’88 Zeppelin reunion…it’s the only way you’re gonna see it, ’cause Plant and Pagey thought it sucked! Hear John and Paul interviewed…badly…by Johnny Carson’s fill in Joe Garagiola! Watch David Byrne being weird on his birthday…how is that different than any other day?


This Week In Classic Rock… May 18th

 Yes’ Rick Wakeman celebrating a birthday today…


This Day In Classic Rock History… April 13th (Part 1)

We might not have such a cool state song of this thing hadn’t happened on this day.