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Danny Hangs With Rock Stars

Danny hosted the Skid Row and Vixen show at Snoqualmie Casino and got to spend some time hanging out with the bands.


Sarah’s Beer of the Week 08.17.17

Paul the Butcher aka Producer Paul brought me in a beer he thought I’d enjoy.  One he had a hard time not picking up, considering its name.  Belching Beaver Brewery out of San Diego makes […]


Morning Show Podcast: Danny Is Being Showered In Gifts

August 11, 2017: Danny Is Being Showered In Gifts. Current Trends That Are Out Of Control. Getting Burned Trying To Cut Corners


Morning Show Podcast: Who’s Career Surprised You?

August 10, 2017: Who Yelled At Danny? Who’s Career Surprised You? What Specialty Restaurant Do You Want?


WATCH: Sarah Visits Outer Planet Brewery

Sarah not only tastes the beer now, she makes it!


Morning Show Podcast: Things You Learned From TV

August 9, 2017: Danny Is A Big Baby. Buying Novelty Products. Things You Learned From TV


Morning Show Podcast: Going Above And Beyond For Your Pet

August 8,2017: Danny Is Getting Hardcore About Playing Guitar. Going Above And Beyond For Your Pet. What To Do With Your Own Town


Morning Show Podcast: Why Is Danny Missing Some Clothing?

August 7, 2017: Why Is Danny Missing Some Clothing? Disagreements You Will Take To The Grave. Danny Has A Birthday Coming Up


Morning Show Podcast: Places You Like That Have A Bad Rap

August 4, 2017: Danny Is Fully Loaded. People With Strange Sleeping Habits. Places You Like That Have A Bad Rap


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