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The Danny Bonaduce Show – 5:45-9am

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Goose Island IPA

Sarah’s Beer of the Week 01.08.15

This week, in between a Smoked Porter from Big Al’s and Odin’s Gift, I had a Goose Island IPA.


Show Recap 7

Stream The Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show: 1-7-15

Ok, Google, make Danny a happy boy. Danny wanted a techy toy and he got one. During the news, Sarah makes a claim that the Beatnik dresses up like a woman whenever he goes on stage with his band. This is simply not true…sorta…well…it’s a long story….you know what? SHUT UP! NOBODY ASKED YOU! *Ahem*


Show Recap 5

Stream The Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show: 1-6-15

The show returned from vacation, but Sarah shouldn’t have. The poor woman was coughing up a storm! However, the illness did create the first ever Flemmy Forecast, which I am sure will get somebody off.


Show Recap 13

Stream The Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show: 12-16-14

Sarah goes bra-less, the Beatnik drapes himself in a baseball uniform, Gibbons’ costume doesn’t fly…what do these instances have in common? Clothing mishaps.


Show Recap 11

Stream The Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show: 12-15-14

Danny’s visit to San Francisco is a success, but the Cat Stevens show he witnessed was not as good as expected.


Show Recap 12

Stream The Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show: 12-12-14

We’re trying to get Danny to move to West Seattle. He’s totally gonna do it. Watch.


Show Recap 3

Stream The Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show: 12-11-14

Gibbons will be asking his girlfriend to marry him in four months, according to Danny Bonaduce.



Sarah’s Beer of the Week 12.11.14

The beer posse went to Sound Brewery in Poulsbo for our beer of the week.  It’s in an unassuming building, with plenty of parking, and inside…plenty of good beer.  We stopped in unannounced, and we […]


Show Recap 2

Stream The Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show: 12-10-14

Danny gets a video camera and immediately the creative juices start flowing. While your first guess may have been porn, Danny and Amy actually used the camera to begin filming what Danny hopes to be a hit cooking show: Breaking Bread with Bonaduce


Show Recap 4

Stream The Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show: 12-9-14

December 9 SUMMARY: Embarrassing moments at work. We all have ‘em — but Sarah’s is pretty brutal:   And not to toot my own horn, but, mine (when I worked at Q13 Fox) was pretty bad too: […]



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