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Sarah’s Brewery Visit: Narrows Brewing

KZOK concluded Sarah’s Summer of Beer with a stop at Narrows. Situated on the waterfront, looking out at the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, this brewery offers one of the most gorgeous places to drink a craft beer in the Puget Sound region.



The Top 102 FAQ

Naturally, doing this feature more than once prompts a lot of concerns about the validity of such a list. So, we thought we’d provide an FAQ in the hopes that your question gets answered.


Sarah at Valhöll Brewing (Photo credit: K. de Golia/KZOK)

Sarah’s Brewery Visit: Valhöll Brewing

Sarah’s Beer Posse (SBP) hopped on a ferry and headed to Poulsbo, Washington to get a taste of Valhöll!


The Tom Price Desert Classic opens Friday's Mudhoney show (photo credit: Jim Tillman)

Iconic Seattle Guitarist Tom Price Talks New Record

The Tom Price Desert Classic released a debut LP “Hell” earlier this fall, and though health issues may have changed Price’s approach to its creation, its contents have refreshingly familiar guitar work.



Great News For Those Who Have Computer Issues!

Guess what? We’ve been granted permission by to allow the old streaming player on the podcast recap blogs.


(photo credit: B. Coyle/KZOK)

My Shameless Love For Aerosmith Lives On

A long rant by a beatnik who isn’t afraid to admit he loves Aerosmith.


192 Teaser 2

Sarah’s Brewery Visit: 192 Brewing Co.

Sarah’s Summer of Beer continued in Kenmore at the 192 Brewing Company.


Stacy seen about 12 minutes into the MC5 adventure (Photo credit: C. Coyle/KZOK)

‘Kick Out The Jams’ Ten Times In A Row

Inside the CBS Radio building, I reside on the second floor with Vanderpool, Will, Stacy Ireland, a few KMPS folks — and I share an office with our Digital Content Producer, Stacy (or Penelope, if […]


Casbah (on the left) tends to freak the **** out on 4th of July. (Photo Credit: C. Coyle/KZOK)

Beatnik’s 4th Of July Reminder: LOOK OUT FOR (YOUR) DOGS!

Blowing stuff up is fun, but make sure your four-legged friend is prepared for 24+ hours of chaos.


Beaver Hawks

Vote: What’s Your Favorite Beaver Video?

We have a couple more in the works, but before we unleash them, I was just curious to see what YOUR favorite Beaver video to date was?




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