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Wednesday's Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning ShowEnjoy the July 27 "Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show" -- Sarah thinks people with STD's should have a warning label. Danny is freaked out by cloning. The phone book DOES exist!
Rock Makes You A Gas Hog, John Gets To Stay, And The Last Day Of The Seattle Pop Festival: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]July 27th: In which a major oil company's research takes a dim view of the devil's music..some rare footage from the '69 Seattle Pop Festival (arguably better than Woodstock)...John Lennon wins his battle with the NIxon administration....and Lynyrd Skynyrd carry on, even though they're not supposed to,,,
Tuesday's Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning ShowEnjoy the July 26 "Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show" -- Danny had a big day out while jamming to some Snoop Dogg and Justin Timberlake. A favorite phrase for Gibbons is "Alright alright alright". The Doochman tried to help a friend who then sued him for helping.
Seattle Pop Day Two, Hendrix's Last Seattle Show, Zeppelin Cancels Last Tour: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]July 26th: The legendary Seattle Pop Festival arguably had a better lineup than Woodstock a month later...footage of Jimi Hendrix's last show in Mick age before your eyes...Brian Johnson of AC/DC on Britain's car show Top Gear....and MORE!
Monday's Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning ShowEnjoy the July 25 "Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show" -- The Doochman received a Treasure Truck full of lobster. Gibbons would love to backpack through Europe while staying in swanky hotels. Danny once applied for a job in the hopes of dating a woman.
Dylan Booed At Newport, Seattle Pop Festival '69 Good, Woodstock '99 Bad: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]July 25th: See Bob Dylan go electric at Newport, Recordings from the '69 Seattle Pop Festival, Riots, Rape, and looting at the Woodstock '99 festival, and more!
Spittin' On The Stones, The Beatles Pimp Pot, And Sgt. Pepper Kills Careers: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]July 24th: In which we see live Stones, Byrds, and Badfinger, plus Paul McCartney's version of the hit song he gave Them, and Ringo talks about smoking weed with Bob Dylan!
Zeppelin's Unfortunate Last American Shows, Ringo's First All-Starr Band:This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]July 23rd: In which we hear The Beatles idol Fats Domino's cover of one of their songs...and maybe you'll see yourself in LIVE footage of The Grateful Dead and Led Zeppelin here in SEATTLE!
Friday's Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning ShowEnjoy the July 22 "Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show" -- Danny's wife and Tori got to see their idols last night. Gibbons uses his job to pick up chicks. Danny thinks Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi are the gold standard for couples.
Vee-Jay Vs Capitol: Only One Will Get The Beatles In America, And The Stones Whiz On A Wall: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]July 22nd: In which we see John and Yoko's video for "Imagine", live Beatles, Stones, Elvis Costello, Little Richard, the Parliament/Funkadelic Mothership Connection...and The Eagles in the Kingdome!
Sarah's Beer of the Week 07.21.16
Where Has Sarah's Beaver Been?Spot the Beaver, and you could be eating Free Subway and watching Free Redbox!

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