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Sarah's Beer of the Week 06.30.16
Where Has Sarah's Beaver Been?Spot the Beaver and you could win free registration for two to meet Marshawn Lynch and do the Beast Mode Challenge!
Thursday's Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning ShowEnjoy the June 30 "Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show" -- Danny's camo shorts almost took his life yesterday. Danny would love to visit Disneyland all by himself. Sarah hates certain whistles.
The Beatles Play Budokan, Pearl Jam Fans Trampled In Denmark: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]June 30th: In which Paul is knocked from the Top of the Pops by George...Gregg Allman marries Cher and makes gawd-awful music...The Buzzcocks make the second-shortest record ever...and Pearl Jam get a call from Pete Townsend, who went through something similar.
Wednesday's Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning ShowEnjoy the June 29 "Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show" -- Danny had a sloth-like evening at Snoqualmie Casino. To relieve stress, Danny hits his punching bag. Sarah thinks Tori would be terrible to roadtrip with.
Mick And Keith Sent To Prison, Lennon's Very Expensive Rolls: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]June 29th: In which Mick and Keith are sent to prison, Frampton is almost killed, John Lennon's psychedelic Rolls ends up in Victoria, and hang with Deep Purple at the Playboy mansion on Ian Paice's birthday
Tuesday's Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning ShowEnjoy the June 28 "Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show" -- The Doochman's golf game might have killed a guy. Danny's coolest job was working on a ranch owned by Kenny Rogers. Gibbons would love to have a built-in language translator.
Beatles Record John's Lullabye, Elton Buys Football Team, Floyd Laugh At Wizard: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]June 28th: In which The Beatles record a lullaby John wrote for Julian Lennon...Pink Floyd do their one album with 5 members, and have a good chuckle about that Wizard of Oz thing...
Monday's Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning ShowEnjoy the June 27 "Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show" -- Danny and Tori took over the Pride Parade! Danny and Vincent Van Gogh are practically twins. The Gang share some of their best advice.
Canada's Non-Stop Party Train, The Ox Checks Out At The Hard Rock: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]June 27th: In which two of rock's best bass players ever leave this life, Canada gets one big rolling hippie party, Queen play their first show, and Elvis comes back in black leather.
"Folk Rock" Is Born, And The Worst Cover Song Of All Time: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]June 26th: In which The Beatles play New Zealand, Celine Dion's horrific cover of an AC/DC song, a rare interview with Col. Tom Parker, and home movies from Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg.
The Beatles Go Worldwide On Satellite, Pearl Jam vs. Ticketmaster: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]June 25th: In which The Beatles appear in the BBC's part of the first-ever worldwide Satellite TV broadcast...Springsteen surprises Letterman...and Pearl Jam go to court for their fans!

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