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The Beatles with Pete Best on drums. 'Is mum Mona owned The Casbah where they played...until they kicked him out. (Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Mona Opens The Casbah, The Beatles Play Their Last Show: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]

Tour the “Birthplace of The Beatles” in Liverpool….their last live gig at Candlestick Park….and Paul McCartney tells David Letterman how Michael Jackson managed to get the rights to their songs….


HBD to Chicago drummer Danny Seraphine, 2nd from right in this 1970 photo. Of this line up, only keyboard player Robert Lamm and the horn section remain today. (Ian Showell/Getty Images)

The Beatles Smoke Weed With Dylan, Elvis Is Not Shot: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]

The Beatles talk about meeting Bob Dylan, and Ringo spills the beans on Conan: He was the first one to take a hit! Brian Wilson reveals the real inspiration behind California Girls, and it wasn’t a SHE…or a He for that matter…live Alice Cooper, Chicago, and more!


Elvis Costello (Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

John Nelson’s ‘Who’s Playin’ Where’ (8.29)

See Elvis Costello this weekend at Bumbershoot 2014!


HBD to Alex Lifeson of Rush...he's NOT making an obscene gesture here, he's holding a guitar pick...get your mind out of the gutter. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The Beatles Meet Elvis And Lose Their Manager, And The Debut Of Pearl Jam: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]

See the trailer for Elvi’s little movie filmed at the Seattle World’s fair in 1962….The Beatles talk about meeting Elvis in ’65…an intimate chat with their manager Brian Epstein, and more in today’s bitchin’ videos!


Life Coach

DBLC: I Think I’m Gay

Watch the latest edition of Danny Bonaduce Life Coach above. Do you have a problem you want to talk to Danny about? Head to the Life Coach page here to fill out a form, or you can simply call […]



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