The Everlys Join The Marines, Lennon Sends His MBE Back, Hendrix Wows London: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]November 25th: In which John Lennon sends his MBE medal back to the Queen, The Jimi Hendrix Experience play their first show in London to a room full of rock stars with their jaws on the floor, Bob and Midge record Band Aid's Do They Know It's Christmas for Ethiopia...
Journey and The Doobie BrothersAugust 23rd at the White River Amphitheater - Tickets on sale December 5
This Man Recorded Most Of Our Favorite AlbumsThere really aren't that many albums or artists in the KZOK Top 102 that Glyn Johns hasn't recorded....he's got a new biography out called "Soundman"...Scott Vanderpool gets 10 minutes with him...how do you fit a career like that into 10 minutes? You don't. Get this book!
The Beatles Give Us Strawberry Fields Forever, We Lose Freddy Mercury: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]November 24th: The original "rock videos" for Strawberry Fields Forever, Ringo's Photograph, one of Seattle's biggest rock stars you've never heard of, and Queen's totally different and much harder rockin' take on We Will Rock You from their awesome 1981 Montreal concert....playing tonight in Seattle area theaters!
Elvis Gets Knuckle Sandwich, Beatles Get Rejected, G&R Put Out A Record...Finally! This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]November 23rd: In which a pissed-off and jealous husband punches Elvis Presley in the face...The Beatles audition, and are rejected by The BBC...and Guns-N-Roses release Chinese Democracy 15 years late...
Germans Deport George, David Cassidy Thinks He Loves You, Happy Birthday Dr. John: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]November 21st: In which RCA buys out Sun Records for Elvis, George gets sent back to Liverpool for being 17 and because the Beatles played a rival nightclub...and Zeppelin's manager passes to the great trashed hotel room in the sky...
Scott Halpin Gets His 15 Minutes With The Who, Happy Birthday Joe Walsh: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]November 20th: See Bo Diddley piss off Ed Sullivan...Keith Moon passes out on stage in San Francisco...George Harrison drops in on Paul Simon while he's hosting Saturday Night Live...and spend some quality time with Joe Walsh on his birthday.
New Tom Petty Bio Features...Tom Petty!A must for hard core Tom Petty fans. Oh sure, there are other books about Tom Petty, one of rock's quietest rockers...but Tom actually agreed to be interviewed for this one.
Where Has Sarah's Beaver Been?Spot the Beaver and you could be going to see Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy in the Paramount on us!
Carl Perkins' Blue Suede Shoes, Chuck Gets Out Of Prison, Mick Goes Solo...Again: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]November 19th: Super rare early footage of Carl Perkins, The Who, the Kinks, Wilson Pickett, The Supremes...Chuck Berry hanging with his pal Jimmy Carter, David Crosby with the guy who paid for his liver, and more in today's bitchin' videos.
America Meets The Beatles...On The TV News: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]November 18th: Learn how to play "Master of Puppets" with Metallica's Kirk Hammett on his birthday! See the Beatles on the Huntley-Brinkley Report the way America saw 'em first! See Neil Young going over one of Crazy Horse's best shows with the late Danny Whitten, and more in today's bitchin' videos...
Beach Boys "Pocket Symphony" Schools Beatles, Crosby Should Stick To Sailboats: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]November 17th: Watch the Beach Boys record Good Vibrations...Early Pink Floyd, Hendrix, The Move, The Byrds, The Nice, Jethro Tull, David Crosby's sailboat he wrote a bunch of songs on, and Patti Smith meets the Pope!
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