Sarah’s Beer of the Week 08.31.17

There is a cool rooftop bar that recently opened in South Lake Union. Matt and I decided to go check out M Bar with our friends Rick Jones and Apryl. The view is spectacular. Lake Union, the Space Needle, and of course all of the cities cranes. The beer menu isn’t extensive, but they did offer something I’d never seen before. Beer from Lebanon. In all of my travels and all of the beer bars I’ve gone to, never have a I seen a Lebanese beer. My aunt lives in Beirut, but I haven’t visited. The beer is a Pale Ale from 961 Beer. It’s brewed with some funky herbs Za’atar, sumac, sage, mint and more. It’s certainly an herbaceous brew. I’d say it is refreshing, and certainly quite different. It’s also not super ‘beery’. Not much by way of malt or hops pushing through, but an interesting beer nevertheless. As a beer lover, it’s great to see the craft beer movement extending all over the planet. This is a small brewery, who on their website say they are the only brewery in the Middle East! M Bar impresses with their view and for finding such a unique brew.

Rick and Apryl and the view!

Rick Jones and his brew

Beer from Lebanon

Matt and his 961 Pale Ale

Apryl and Sarah and a great view

Apryl and Sarah and 961 Pale Ale

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