Fans Save The Cavern, Led Zeppelin Are The Nobs: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]

The Cavern Club in Liverpool had run up over £10,000 in debt and faced closure today in 1966, so some 100 Liverpudlian rock and roll fans barricaded themselves in the basement music venue, and had to be removed by police, but the publicity saved The Cavern…until 1973 when it was condemned and demolished to make way for the Merseyrail Underground…then reopened in ’84 by a wealthy Liverpool FC Premier League player, using most of the original bricks and very near the same spot where it’s still got live rock and roll most every night, but Gary Glitter’s brick on their Wall of Fame was painted over in 2008.

Peter Green was the subject of an interview in today’s March 1970 edition of England’s New Musical Express magazine, and he revealed that he hated capitalism, money, and materialism and planned to give all his money away. He not only did that, but would disappear to a hippie commune in Munich, binge on LSD, and quit Fleetwood Mac and music altogether. About a year later hew was arrested when he pulled a shotgun on an accountant trying to deliver a royalty check. By the 90’s he’d start playing blues clubs again.

For tonight in 1970’s Led Zeppelin gig in Copenhagen the band were billed as The Nobs, as manager Peter Grant was trying to avoid a lawsuit by the Countess Eva Von Zeppelin, granddaughter of the airship designer, who was horrified her family name was attached to such dreadful noise and had got a court motion to prevent them from doing so on Danish soil.

Uriah Heep singer David Byron died of epilepsy at the way too young age of 38 today in 1986.

Bob Dylan was in New Orleans today in 1989 starting in on his 26th studio album Oh Mercy! which includes a song that sometimes becomes the theme for the KZOK engineering department.

Nirvana won another Grammy tonight in 1996, when their live MTV Unplugged session was named “Alternative” album of the year. Unfortunately Kurt died two years earlier and wasn’t around to accept.

Rock and Roll Birthdays

The Rolling Stones founding guitar, keyboard, keyboard, marimba, vibraphone, harmonica, sitar, and just about anything else laying around the studio player Brian Jones would be 75 if he hadn’t become one of the more famous members of the “27” club.


Donnie Iris (real name Dominic Irace) is 74. He had hits with Wild Cherry (Play that Funky Music White Boy) and as a solo artist (Ah Leah).


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