Ted Nugent Upset over ‘Old Withered Madonna’s’ White House Comments

Will the Secret Service pay Madge a visit? Nugent doesn't think so.

By Radio.com Staff

Ted Nugent took to social media this weekend with a lengthy post about Planned Parenthood. He also brought up what he perceives to be a double standard when it comes to himself and Madonna.

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“Madonna said something about wanting to blow up the White House,” Nugent wrote on his official Facebook page. “Oh, boy. The braindead lying Alinsky left sic’d the secret service on me for stating my fear of the corrupt Obama government. Bet nobody sics em on old withered Madonna.”

Nugent is referring to a visit he received from the Secret Service after comments about the Obama administration back in 2012. Nugent was cleared after that meeting.

Alinsky is the late community organizer Saul Alinsky, the author of the 1971 book Rules for RadicalsNugent has previously cited Alinsky and his text as the source material for those who disagree with his political views.

Moving beyond the double standard, Nugent returns focus to what he believes is at the heart of the issue; the government funding of Planned Parenthood.

“This is fundamentally about what is and isn’t the role of government. I don’t support subsidizing any entity with taxpayer dollars. Self sufficiency & rugged individualism makes America great. Bloodsuckers make America weak & stupid.” Read his full statement below.


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