AC/DC Music Improves Efficiency of Cancer Drug

By Annie Reuter 

There is something to be said of music’s healing power and researchers at the University of South Australia have found the truth in this statement.

According to The Lead, rock music like AC/DC’s Thunderstruck” has been played during chemotherapy treatment and has improved the efficiency of the drug.

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“Vibrations caused by rock music have been found to increase a drug’s therapeutic window by creating a Teflon-like coating over the micro particles used in drug delivery,” the Lead reports.

The study was titled “Thunderstruck”: Plasma-Polymer-Coated Porous Silicon Microparticles As a Controlled Drug Delivery System, and its findings were published in American Chemistry Society. In the article, a professor explains the use of rock music in the treatment of chemotherapy for cancer patients.

“Normally we would ignite a plasma onto the surface,” Professor Nico Voelcker wrote. “The problem with doing that is you only form the coating on one side of the particle, the side that is exposed. But the side of the particle on the surface, the other side, is not going to get coated. That is where we came up with the idea of using a loud speaker that we would play into the system. We would turn that loudspeaker to a song that it would vibrate and the particles would bounce up and down. The chaotic frequencies worked well and gave you a more homogenous coating.”

The micro particles were filled with the chemotherapy drug camptothecin and researchers discovered when the drug was coated using the rock vibrations there was a slower release of the cytotoxic drug.

According to the study, this correlated “positively with the plasma polymer coating times . . . revealing a significant time delay in cell death onset.”

Doctors may now think twice before asking patients to turn down that loud rock music.


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