Sarah’s Beer of the Week 03.17.16

Great Divide Brewing Co makes a bevy of outstanding bevies.  I picked up something called Colette Farmhouse Ale.  I liked the sassy farm girl holding a pitchfork on the bottle.  Plus, I don’t drink a lot of farmhouse ale and thought it would be nice to mix it up a bit.  For newbies, farmhouse ales tend to be spicy, fizzy, fruity and pretty high in ABV.  They are also referred to as Saison.  These can be really hit or miss for me.  Sometimes they are too fruity or make me salivate in a weird way.  Locally Big Al’s has been making some tasty ones, so I figured I’d try this one from Great Divide.  This beer is jam packed full of flavor, and a bit sweet.  But it has the tang like a Smarties or Spree candy.  Not tiny bubbles like some of this ilk, but enough carbonation.  It’s flavorful, and fun and Spring-y.  If you like Saisons, or want to try something fun and different this won’t disappoint.


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