Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea Endorses Bernie Sanders

By Cedric Thornton

On the eve of a planned show in Los Angeles, headlining a Bernie Sanders fundraising benefit, Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ Flea explains to Rolling Stone why he has chosen to endorse the Democratic presidential candidate.

Flea has already voiced his disgust with Republican presidential candidates in Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, so it’s not shocking move.

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Sanders lack of Super PACs is impressive to the musician. “When I heard that he wasn’t taking money from any corporations, didn’t have any Super PACs and was doing it with a lot of small donations, I was amazed. The concept of a president in this country who is not beholden to corporate lobbyists is such a beautiful idea.” Fleas says. And furthering his devotion to not take corporate money, Flea stated that the band was willing to pay for the venue for his fundraiser and Sanders replied by saying, “We can’t accept you guys; you’re a group — you’re incorporated — so I can’t accept that money.” He can accept the ticket cost because each one is a small donation, but the 30 grand? “No, I don’t accept money like that.”

The bassist goes on to say, “If he’s elected, I would hope that a Sanders presidency would make it so 1) he wouldn’t go off into any wars unless if it really was to protect other human beings, 2) that he would make high-quality health care accessible to everybody regardless of how much money they have, and 3) that he would make higher education available for everybody. And that means everybody. That means people who live in very poor communities and are struggling who deserve as good as an education as people in rich communities. The playing field is rigged. And if you’re poor and a minority, you don’t have a chance, man. Or your chance is like a needle in a haystack. I want everybody to have an equal chance.”


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