Watch Grateful Dead Fans All Over the World Cover ‘Ripple’

By Brian Ives

If you ever saw the Grateful Dead in concert, you know that the attraction of the event was as much about the community as it was about the band. They had great nights and they had not-so-great nights—such is the risk of changing set lists and improvising—but you could have had a great time at the show regardless, because Dead shows weren’t just about the band’s performance but about the audience as well. Strangers would create fierce jams via drum circles, and fans just walking around with acoustic guitars or other instruments could bust into impromptu renditions of Dead songs with collaborators they’d never met before and maybe would never see again.

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That spirit is prevalent in a new version of the Dead’s “Ripple,” put together by Playing for Change, the organization that records people around the world playing the same song and then edits them together for one collective performance.

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