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Beatnik here. I was brainstorming a new video to feature the infamous Gibbons on Wednesday since Johnny Rocket has been getting far too much air time.

Anyway, a couple ideas arose:

1) A drama in which Gibbons tries to get Sarah’s Beaver to break up with Vanderpool

2) An action-packed clip where Gibbons embarks on a treacherous journey down Dexter Avenue North and gets me coffee

But before I could think of a third brilliant idea, Gibbons offered up his body for the station’s benefit. Gibbons said that he will have tourists at Pike Place Market wax his back once the KZOK Facebook page hits 10,250 Likes. “My god,” I thought. “He’s done it.”

This could be a bitchin’ video.

So now the pressure is on you, KZOK faithful. Help us reach the Likes milestone of 10,250 and then we can all watch Gibbons suffer.

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