Metal Thrives in Seattle

TIME published a study Tuesday that maps Americans’ music preferences based on location. As it turns out, Seattle loves it some metal.

The interactive map highlights areas where a particular genre is especially popular. The colors are meant to resemble a heat sensor, and areas in red are “hot spots” for a particular type of music.

While genres like soul and gospel were more popular in the south, the West Coast – especially Seattle – houses the greatest number of metal and rock fans. The study doesn’t list which specific bands are popular, but we can only guess the likes of  Pink Floyd, Judas Priest, Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin are Seattle fan favorites.

It looks like there are also quite a few metal fans in Milwaukee. Now, that might surprise some people, but keep in mind that Milwaukee is also America’s beer capital (and we know nothing fuels metal better than alcohol).

We also learned that Portland is home to a ton of jazz fans. We’re sure Kenny G was happy to hear that.




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