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We get Amy Bonaduce on the phone to tell us about what it’s like living with, in her words, “a manic guy who’s on fire.” Danny’s manic behavior manifested itself in calling his old boss in Philadelphia to update him on his recent wrestling exploits, of which there are none, but Danny is so sleep deprived that he apparently sleep-called his old boss and invented a local wrestling career. Speaking of sleep, Sarah had a dream that she was sitting with an ex-boyfriend in a donut shop eating a maple bar, and her boyfriend had to stop because he wanted to be like Tim Tebow, to which Danny says, “TEBOOOOOOW!” Speaking of food, Danny invited Will and Gibbons to his house for Amy’s lasagna, though Amy countered that she’s too busy to cook lasagna for them, so Danny insists they can make lasagna without her, though everybody involved hopes it doesn’t come to that.

Sarah reports on a study that found some spouses claimed they cheated because they grew tired of competing for attention with devices, like tablets and smartphones. Will can relate: he once had a girlfriend complain that he was paying more attention to his truck than to her. For Danny, it’s the TV that has taken his attention from a spouse, while Amy’s obsession with Candy Crush has ruffled Danny’s feathers. Do you compete with your significant other’s possessions for attention?

Danny Bonaduce, Life Coach, helps an 11-year-old who is being bullied with name-calling at school and wants to make it stop.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has apologized for the inappropriate language he used on live television yesterday. Danny is reminded of when, the other day, he claimed Toronto is the transvestite capital of the world, and of course it’s not, which people are constantly reminding him. Sarah a few days ago asserted that the most commonly spoken language in the world is Portuguese, and immediately was embarrassed because she knew that wasn’t close to true. What’s the dumbest, most embarrassing thing you’ve ever said?

All this, and the game that’s sweeping the nation, Where Has Sarah’s Beaver Been, on today’s Danny Bonaduce Show.

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