Beer of the Weekend: WA Breds & WA Brews Festival [Video]

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show pic The Danny Bonaduce Show - 5:45-9am
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I had a pretty tough assignment this weekend. I was tasked with accompanying Sarah to Emerald Downs Sunday and forced to spend a few hours in the sun at a beer festival. Tough gig, right?

Some of Washington’s best craft breweries staked out spots on the lawn and served up ice-cold beer as part of the WA Breds & WA Brews Festival. Oh there was horse racing too, but mostly we were just interested in the beer. Brew masters from Odin Brewing, Reuben’s Brews, Georgetown Brewing and several others offered up sips of their best beers and insights into their craft. Sarah found some old favorites and discovered a few new ones, too.

-Rachel Ayres, KZOK

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