Byrds 50th Anniversary Reunion? Don’t Bet On It.

Roger McGuinn says he has no interest in reuniting with his former Byrds bandmates to celebrate the group’s 50th anniversary.

He had some interesting choices for words when explaining why, too.

McGuinn told Rolling Stone he’s “happy with The Byrds as a good memory.” He also said that getting back together would “just be for the money,” and that he doesn’t need any more. He went on to say he’s “not attracted to expensive things” and doesn’t “need a Ferrari or anything like that.” McGuinn concluded by saying his decision to not stage a reunion “isn’t personal.”

On the other hand, David Crosby and another former Byrd, Chris Hillman, have said they’d like to pay tribute to the band they launched nearly a half-century ago.

Crosby said that it is “a shame” McGuinn isn’t interested, because he thinks it “would be great fun.”

Crosby and McGuinn formed The Byrds in Los Angeles in 1964 as a trio with Gene Clark. Before the year was over The Byrds had grown to a five-piece group with the additions of Hillman and drummer Michael Clarke. Gene and Michael both passed away in the 1990s.

-Chris Coyle, KZOK

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