Question Of The Day: Does Tom Petty Have A Point?

Question of the Day:

Does Tom Petty Have A Point About Modern Country Music?

Tom Petty has been catching flack from country fans while getting praise from others regarding his comments about country music.

Last week, Petty was asked by a reporter from Rolling Stone about some comments he made regarding the genre. Petty reportedly said on stage (at a recent show) that country has become “bad rock with a fiddle.” Petty added that he’s sure there are people out there making great country music but it isn’t getting the attention that the “sh****** stuff gets.” He says he doesn’t think a George Jones or Buck Owens is on the way.

A poll we made on revealed 93.2% think Petty nailed it, while 5.8% think he’s out of touch.

Because KZOK shares the Seattle CBS cluster with KMPS, we thought it would be fun to go around the building getting different people’s opinions.

*SPOILER ALERT*: It’s biased.


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