The Truth About Tequila…

Luke McKinney, Man Cave Daily
Holy S***! It's the TEQUILA MONSTER! RUN! (David McNew/Getty Images)

Holy S***! It’s the TEQUILA MONSTER! RUN! (David McNew/Getty Images)

Happy National Tequila Day! Tequila is the Incredible Hulk of alcohol: intelligent and powerful, it’s traveled all over the world, but everywhere it goes a bunch of idiots make everyone think it’s a violent monster. But the agave, like the gamma rays, only releases things that were truly inside people all along. The result is often worse than painting yourself green and wearing bright purple shorts. Because at least those still restrain your genitals, and many tequila slammers can’t claim the same sense of restraint.

A drink hasn’t had such a bad reputation with intelligent people since hemlock. The idiocy surrounding tequila is embodied by the tequila worm. Finding insect larvae in a non-insect-larvae product has always been and will always be a bad sign. When eating a salad, you wouldn’t think a slug had somehow ingested and improved upon the flavor. It’s a Freudian nightmare – the drinker is pretending to be happy to see a horribly shriveled little worm because that’s all they have to offer.

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