Try To Remain Calm On International Panic Day

Don’t freak out just yet, but tomorrow (Tuesday June 18) is International Panic Day. We want to warn you in advance so you can start breathing deeply now and hopefully have a minor meltdown instead of a major one (or none at all).

Honestly, we don’t know who thought it was a good idea to reserve a special day for people to lose their s*#@, but there’s no need to speed-dial your shrink just yet. Our partners over at Man Cave Daily have a few tips to help you make it through the day.

Close your eyes and breathe: Simple, but effective. Five to 10 deep breaths can really help, promise. Closing your eyes can help you calm down too. Don’t feel bad about doing some simple neck rolls and stretches. Release that tension.

Lay off the caffeine: It’s a stimulant and may make you even more jittery and uneasy. If you can’t cut out coffee all together, maybe just settle for one cup instead of three.

Drink water, you dope! It may sound pretty lame, especially when a beer or cocktails are your usual method of calming your nerves. If you staying properly hydrated something biological happens and it supposedly helps you stay calm.

You can do it. We’ll see you Wednesday and everything will be OK.



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