‘G’ IS FOR: Got Me Under Pressure

“Got Me Under Pressure” comes off ZZ Top’s 1983 record, Eliminator, which just turned 30 last week (happy belated).

Despite being surrounded by several radio hits on the album, this track stands alone, most notably for its speed. Being one of the faster ZZ Top songs, “Got Me Under Pressure” may have gotten its high-octane soul from being born with a drum machine as its beat.

Billy Gibbons wrote this song by himself — in fact he bypassed the “hey, guys, I gotta new song, check it out” phase of presenting it to the rest of the band (bassist Dusty Hill and drummer Frank Beard) during a practice session. Gibbons wrote the entire song in one afternoon and recorded a demo version of it using a drum machine and a synthesizer to sub as a bass. Gibbons (of course) supplied the guitars and vocals on the demo.

The story behind the lyrics is pretty simple: Gibbons is weighing whether being with a woman who’s “in it for the money” and material items is worth the wild and crazy sex.


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