‘F’ IS FOR: Fire

I would have loved to have been living in Seattle in 2001. Why, you ask? Because I would have heard the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s “Fire” 57 times in one summer (that’s assuming Safeco Field was engaged in its current tradition of playing the song after a Mariners win).

Yes, the song you hear after a Mariners victory (which as been rare of late) coming out of the Safeco sound system is the Hendrix classic.

Though the song is stuffed with sexual innuendos, “Fire” was inspired by a freezing cold gig in England. Bassist Noel Redding reportedly invited Hendrix to his mother’s house after a freezing-cold New Year’s Eve show in Folkestone. Hendrix asked Redding’s mother if he could stand next to her fireplace to warm himself; She agreed but her Great Dane was in the way, hence the line, “Aw move over, Rover, and let Jimi take over.”

Jimi Hendrix Fire by avajra


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