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George Meets Patti, Jim Moves To Paris, Guy Who Lives In Ozzy’s House Sells The Door: This Day In Classic Rock [Video]

The Beatles were at Twickenham film studios in London today in 1964, on a soundstage recreation of the inside of a train’s baggage car guard cage, playing cards and lip-synching to I Should Have Known Better. One of the extras cast in the role of star-struck-schoolgirl-outside-the-cage was one Patti Boyd, who at the time was semi-engaged to a photographer. According to her, George Harrison’s opening line on meeting her was, “Will you marry me? Well, if you won’t marry me, will you at least have dinner with me?” She turned him down, but accepted two days later after dumping the photographer. They were married in January of 1966. It was Patti who attended a lecture on Transcendental Meditation by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and turned the Beatles on to him. In 1979, she married George’s good friend Eric Clapton, who had been living with her 17 year old sister Paula as a substitute.

Music publisher Dick James, the working for The Beatles Northern Songs Ltd., announced today in 1967 that so far, only 446 cover versions of Paul McCartney’s song Yesterday had been licensed.

Otis Redding’s song Dock of the Bay was certified Gold (500,000 copies sold) today in 1968. Unfortunately for Otis, he had died in December when his Beechcraft H18 crashed into a lake outside Madison Wisconsin.

Crosby, Stills, and Nash released their second album today in 1970, and their first with Steven Stills old Buffalo Springfield bandmate Neil Young. Deja Vu went straight to the top of the album charts, and contained three hits: Teach Your Children, Our House, and a song their friend Joni Mitchell had written partly on Graham Nash’s description of the massive music festival near Woodstock, N.Y.

Doors frontman Jim Morrison and his girlfriend Pamela Courson arrived in Paris today in 1971. He would die there in early July.

Harry Nilsson was at #1 in Britain today in 1972 with a cover of a song written by Badfinger’s Pete Ham and Tom Evans: Without You.

Van Halen started their 131-date “Balance” tour tonight in 1995 in Pensacola, Florida. Eddie Van Halen had recently had hip surgery, and his brother Alex spent much of the tour in a neck brace after an injury, so Eddie dubbed it their “Ambulance Tour”. It would be their last with singer Sammy Hagar, who said he was fired, but the band later said he’d quit after discovering that they’d secretly been recording with original lead singer David Lee Roth.

The owner of a modest house in Birmingham England put the front door up for sale on E-Bay today in 2005. He was tired of fans defacing it, as his house had been the childhood home of Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne.

Rock and Roll Birthdays

Vanilla Fudge singer and organist Mark Stein is 66. Led Zeppelin were opening for Vanilla Fudge at the Seattle Center Arena in 1968, when the famous “Mudshark” incident took place at the Edgewater Inn hotel, and members of Vanilla Fudge were present if not responsible for one of rock’s most legendary incidents of true debauchery. Look it up, this is a family show.

Golden Earring guitarist George Kooymans is 65.

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