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Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

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(Photo:  Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images)

(Photo: Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images)

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This is Wrong!  According to a recent study from Psychology Today, the hot spot in America for love matching is between the aisles of Walmart.  This is based on a study of Craigslist, and the amount of “Missed Connections” posted.  And believe it or not, the most “Missed Connections” were reported by Walmart shoppers.

Before you go checking out your nearest Walmart for Mr. or Mrs Right, it may bahoove you to first check out www.peopleofwalmart.com first.  I’m just sayin’…

The rest of the top 5 “Missed Connections” in the U.S. are (2) Sports Games, (3) State Fairs, (4) Mass Transit, (5) and The Gym.

And if all those fail…you’ve always got the KZOK Babe of the Day to welcome you with open arms.

Let Love Rule!


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