Here Are (Two Of) The Sonics!

(KZOK) – The Sonics are coming back to Seattle…and we’re not talking about the basketball team.

Any punk, garage, “grunge,” or heavy soul band that has come out of the Northwest since 1964 is all thanks to Tacoma’s one and only Sonics (at least in our book). The five-piece put their own spin on rhythm and blues in the mid 1960s, and though the music may not have been earth-shattering to people at the time, the primal noises the band were making paved the way for thousands of others in Northwest — and around the globe. From The Black Keys, to The Hives, to The Mummies and (The Sonics’ bill-mates Saturday) Mudhoney — the band’s simple formula of “letting it all out” has stood the test of time and influenced countless “punks.”

KZOK’s Scott Vanderpool and CBS Radio’s internet dude Chris Coyle got the chance to talk to frontman Gerry Roslie  and saxophone/blues harp extraordinaire Rob Lind about the band’s upcoming, sold-out show at Showbox at the Market with Mudhoney, playing overseas and a few other surprises.

LISTEN HERE: Sonics Interview (right-click to download)

The Sonics with engineer/producer Jack Endino (center) (photo courtesy

The Sonics with engineer/producer Jack Endino (center) (photo courtesy

Songs used in interview: “Cinderella (live),” “Boss Hoss,” “Santa Claus,” “Shot Down,” “The Hustler (Girl Trouble version),” “Cheap Shades,” and “The Witch.”

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