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Danny hits up Sarah for some Breathsavers, her newest sponsor, after his attempt to brush his teeth just impacted on the surface (“Star Wars” reference!). He then uses his coffee to demonstrate his gargling technique. Speaking of morning routines and his coffee, Danny now doubts whether he could do the show without first stopping at Starbucks, and Sarah wonders whether, out of habit, the baristas make Danny’s order even on his days off. Also discussed: tequila, Ringo Starr, One Direction, gyms, snooze buttons, Amy’s work ethic, and tax forms.

Danny’s mom, Betty Bonaduce, chats with the show about her new blog,

Danny Bonaduce, Life Coach, advises a mom whose 23-year-old son lives at home and smokes pot constantly, and she wants to help him break that habit and get motivated.

Mike Jones reveals that he sobbed over the series finale of “Fringe.” Will, too, admits to crying over that last episode of “Fringe.” While Sarah says she didn’t cry over “Fringe,” she does confess to losing it over “Grey’s Anatomy.” Speaking of finales, Danny recalls that he bawled while watching Johnny Carson host “The Tonight Show” for the last time. What movie or TV show made you cry?

All this, and what Beyonce has in common with the Lusitania, on today’s Danny Bonaduce Show.

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