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A Job A KZOK Listener Would Be Good At!

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Are you an "herb-friendly" KZOK listener? We may have found your dream job! (David McNew/Getty Images)

Are you an “herb-friendly” KZOK listener? We may have found your dream job! (David McNew/Getty Images)

Scotty V looking ever so serious (photo credit: KZOK) Scott Vanderpool
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The State of Washington is looking to hire a “Marijuana Consultant”. We’re guessing that there’s got to be someone in the KZOK listening audience that would be good at this. Voter-passed initiative 502 gives the Washington State Liquor Control Board one year (from this last December 6th) to implement a plan for the sale and distribution of recreational cannabis. It is legal for adults over the age of 21 to possess up to an ounce of wacky-tobaccky for personal use, but you can’t legally buy or grow it just yet…a classic “Catch 22″ situation the state has just under a year to deal with.  A WSLCB spokesman Monday announced a timeline for implementation, and one of the first steps is to hire a consultant that can figure out how much pot is consumed in our state. One thing the state doesn’t want to do is create a glut of ganja, a surplus of semsemilla, a plethora of pot, that would then be likely sold in other states chock full of pinched-cheek conservatives nowhere near as enlightened as we are. The State’s Office of Financial Management has estimated that 363,000 people will consume marijuana this year. But they are bean-counters. Here at KZOK we estimate that there are at least that many stoned people listening to Gary Crow in the Seattle area alone, every weekday betwixt 9 AM and 2 PM every weekday, and even more on weekends.

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