Sarah’s Beer of the Week 12.06.12

I had a beer this week that made me think of my boss.  That could make some people shudder, but I am blessed with a very cool pirate of boss.  We call him ‘the captain’ because he looks like Captain Morgan.  Honest.  I went to Pillagers Pub in Greenwood, for beer from Three Skulls Ale.  Shiver me timbers this is good beer!  Wow, it pained me to write that.  Actually, the beers from Three Skulls were quite good.  I sampled the Three Skulls Pils and Three Skulls Pale Ale.  Solid beers all around.  Pillagers Pub has a whole pirate theme, and skulls of course.  The vibe was good, even if you did want to say ARGH and AYE MATEY every now and again.

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