Hendrix At 70: “The Effect On Everybody Was Immense” – Lemmy

November 27th will mark 70 years since the birth of Jimi Hendrix , the man who changed electric guitar and rock and roll forever. Throughout November, CBS Local will  remember the legendary musician’s life and career.

While many musicians were influenced by Hendrix, Motorhead frontman Lemmy knew the man: He actually worked as a roadie for Jimi in the 1960s before joining Hawkwind (and ultimately forming Motorhead). He spent time with the man both in the studio and on the stage, and he told CBS Local that Hendrix was a big influence on him as a vocalist.

“He helped me to cement my resolve as a singer,” he says. “He hated singing, he would board himself up in the corner of a room with a microphone and he’s record like that.  I still do that now, myself. He must have been insecure about his singing. I thought he was a great singer, he had a lot of soul.”

Even though Lemmy was part of Hendrix’s circle, his influence on the rest of the world was still apparent. “The effect on everybody was immense.  There’s never been anybody better on the guitar. Never. You can forget everybody else, no one comes close.”

Lemmy and Motorhead have just released a new live CD/DVD, The World Is Ours Vol. II. They also have their own line of beverages, including beer, vodka, shiraz and rose wine.  Find out more at the Motorhead Drinks Shop. They’re also rolling out Motorheadphones – a line of headphones and earbuds.

Brian Ives, CBS Local 


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