Bellevue Woman Sets Burger Record

A Bellevue, Nebraska mother of two, who barely weighs 110 pounds recently set a record for being the first real woman to polish off The Stellanator.  A feat that has only been accomplished by 8 other men up til now.  And let’s be honest, outside of becoming a local hero…of sorts…these 9 carnivorous champions really haven’t “accomplished” much.

Or have they?!  Here is what The Stellanator includes:  six burger patties, six eggs, six pieces of cheese, a heaping helping of bacon, a big ol’ slab of mayo, heart-stopping fried onions, jalapenos, two curvaceous buns, and AN ENTIRE JAR OF PEANUT BUTTER!!!  And again, Molly Schuyler, barely tips the scale at 110 pounds and rumor has it her neighbors have quit inviting her over to Sunday barbeque’s.

Mighty Molly polished this bohemoth burger off in just 15 minutes.  And guys, if that gets your motor running wait til you hear this.  Martian Molly can also chug an entire two-liter bottle of soda in just 17 seconds!  Wow!

P.S.  Word is that after Molly finished her burger she then reached over and finished her two kids leftovers…no joke.



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