Another Reason Why Beer Rocks

In a not-so-recent government experiment (1955), it was discovered that one of only a few things to survive a nuclear blast were bottles of beer.  Operation Teapot, which involved placing a variety of items inside a nuclear blast zone, strategically set up beer bottles ranging from 100 yards to a quarter mile distance from ground zero.  The results showed that the bottles of beer that did not break tested negative for any type of radiation contamination.  However, the taste of each beer was said to be “off”.

I know what you’re thinking…who were the poor fools that were volunteered to sip from these glowing bottles of beer?  I don’t know the answer to that question, but I do know that I now have a legit reason to explain to my little lady why I have added a pallet of beer to our “nuclear disaster kit”.

Drink heavily!  I mean responsibly!



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