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Today On The Danny Bonaduce Show – Thursday, August 2

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Bow down before Duff McKagan! (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Bow down before Duff McKagan! (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

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Duff McKagan, call your agent!

Danny and Amy visited the International District yesterday and came up with their own jingles for the restaurants they visited. Danny insists we call Amy for details on what they consumed, and on how, at least in the International District, Danny is more famous than Katy Perry. Also, Danny provides details of his concept for a reality show co-starring Duff McKagan, which also involves a guitar, a pedicab, and Wyoming.

A new survey contends traditional dating “rules,” in particular those in the book “The Rules,” are out of date. What dating rules to you insist be followed, and which should be abolished?

Danny Bonaduce, Life Coach, helps a man whose girlfriend hangs out with other guys till all hours of the night and he’s not sure whether to break up with her or not.

Experts say the Zumba exercise craze is actually hurting its participants, which led us to ask: have you ever hurt yourself exercising? Not playing a competitive sport, but just performing mundane exercise? Like the caller who started doing jumping jacks before realizing the ceiling fan was set to its highest speed, and he broke two of his fingers.

All this, and Sarah’s Filthy Forecast, on today’s Danny Bonaduce Show.

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