Sarah’s Beer of the Week 08.02.12

I’ve had a few friends come to visit from out of town, which means BREWERY TOURS!  One of the breweries I went to with my pals was Maritime Pacific Brewing Company.  They’re located in Ballard, have outdoor seating, a parking lot, and yummy beer.  One of the first things that caught my eye was how many bar patrons were getting growlers filled.  I scolded myself for not bringing mine.  Maritime offers a great sampler, in that you get to choose which beers you sample.  Some breweries choose for you.  I don’ t like barley wine, or porters much, so I prefer when you get to select your own.  Maritime also has a nice wide variety of beers to choose from.  I’ve had the Red Alt and the Old Seattle Lager, but this time I got to try their Imperial Pale Ale, the Nightwatch Dark Amber Ale, and a few dry hopped ales.  They have a great selection and variety.  Plus, what’s not to love about the ‘Jolly Roger Taproom’.  This is a fun place to hangout, the beers are excellent, and all were happy.  I’ll be back, with out of town friends, or locals.

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