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Sarah’s Beer of the Week 07.19.12

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Hard to believe, but Growlers are not legal in every state.  Shocking!  Technically you can own one, but good luck getting it filled.  Thankfully, Washington is not one of those places.  Will was kind enough to fill a growler for me in his neck of the woods.  He went to Norm’s Market in Lake Stevens and got it filled with Blackberry from Big E Ales.  This is a very unusual beer.  It was like dessert in a glass.  The flavor was fantastic.  Chocolate, malt, and of course Blackberry.  This isn’t a session beer by any stretch of the imagination.  One glass is good, and honestly, you could drink it for dessert.  I guess that’s a good thing since it comes in at 7.2%.  Who knew chocolately goodness could land you on your arse if you don’t pay attention.

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