Don’t Spill The Beans On Your Jeans

Raise your hand if you’ve always wished that you could get away with wearing your favorite pair of jeans on a daily basis and never have to wash them.  If this sounds too good to be true, listen to this!

A new trend is surfacing and suggests that the best way to own a pair of perfectly shaped jeans is to first buy the “raw” denim.  Meaning jeans that have not yet been through the dryer and dyer, in other words, those awful looking dark virgin blue jeans.  This way the jeans are still loose and will form to your body type with each wear, and the fade marks will fade just to your shape giving you a true original pair of jeans!  IE:  Fade marks of cell phones, keys, chewing tobacco, “jimmy’s”, etc…

The challenge to this, however, is the suggested length of time to go without their first wash: Three months!  But there have been some who claim to have gone six months in search for the perfect pair of jeans.  Now I know what you’re thinking…ewwww…gross…stink stink.  And you would be correct.  This is totally disgusting, but sometimes fashion hurts.

Researchers say the best way to clean your jeans during the initiation period is with a wet towel and of course cold water.  My only question is what do you do if you “spill the beans on your jeans?”.  I mean let’s be honest here folks…3 months is a long time.



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