The Jerry Sandusky/Pink Floyd Connection

Jerry Sandusky, who has gone from Penn State to The Pen, has reportedly  been hearing  Pink Floyd songs in his head ever since he was convicted and sent back to Centre County Correctional Facility last week.

According to “Josh”, an inmate sharing the same cell block as Sandusky, upon learning which cell Sandusky was placed now all of his fellow mates sing to Jerry at bed time.  Their favorite?  Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall, specifically the line “Hey, Teacher, leave those kids alone!”.  “Josh”said that on the first night of Sandusky’s arrival, the entire block sang that one line over and over for three straight hours.

Jerry Sandusky can now look forward to 422 years of Pink Floyd!  Which probably sounds awesome for you Floyd Fans out there.  Lucky for you, KZOK offers you the next best thing to 422 years of Floyd.  And that is every Monday night we invite you to join us for Think Pink, one entire hour dedicated to the mind-altering music of Pink Floyd, and it gets underway Monday evenings at 10 o’clock.



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