Check Out L.A.’s Newest Rock Star

Straight from the Why Didn’t I Think Of That Files, the newest rock star in Los Angeles is just that…a rock!  A huge one, albeit, but nonetheless…a rock!!!

Over the weekend the Los Angeles Museum of Arts unveiled a gigantic 340-ton boulder, which was trucked in from over 100 miles away.  Preparation took months, as it rolled through 22 separate cities, a chain of 3 semi trucks which resembled a centipede, and cruising at a top speed of 5 miles per hour.

When it finally arrived at its resting post in downtown L.A., thousands of onlookers and spectators were left in a “shock and awe” trance as they watched the rock roll by.  It now sits suspended over a walk way to allow fans to walk directly under it and go absolutely nuts, as they get within feet of L.A.’s newest rock star.

And similar to some other L.A. Rock Star’s over the years (Axl), this newest rock star has already pulled in over $10 million dollars and hasn’t even done a thing.  Just sitting there, doing as it pleases, not giving a care what happens around it.  Some fans who were lucky enough to touch it have said things like “Seeing this has changed my life forever“, and “This Rock is very spiritual“.

Really?  Wow.  Rock On!



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