“Google Doodle” Has Seattle Connection

The most popular search engine on the Interwebs, Google, will occasionally change the artwork on their home page to note events and birthdays their staff feel are of cultural significance. May 9th’s was to mark what would be the 138th birthday of British Archaeologist Howard Carter, who in 1922 discovered the royal tomb of King Tutankhamun, Pharaoh of Egypt from 1332-1323 BC. As Europe struggled in the aftermath of WWI, the discovery of an ancient civilization capable of creating artifacts of such beauty and intricacy captured the imagination of millions, and still does today.

Coincidentally an exhibit of more than 100 of Carter’s discoveries is coming to the Pacific Science Center later this month. Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs starts May 24th and runs through January 6th. Tickets are on sale now through the Pacific Science Center’s website. Organized by National Geographic, there are over twice the number of artifacts displayed during the 70’s tour of King Tut antiquities that many of us saw here in Seattle, and inspired Steve Martin to write a song about the boy king. On loan from the Government of Egypt, this will be the last time Howard Carter’s finds in King Tut’s Tomb will be displayed in North America.


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