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Today On The Danny Bonaduce Show – Monday, May 7

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Photo by Mike Jones/KZOK

Photo by Mike Jones/KZOK

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How did Will’s date go?

Danny has crispy hair this morning, just one of the strange aspects to the start of his day, which also includes an exchange with a Starbucks barista over how long Danny might be lactose intolerant. We also learn that Danny recently ate a pound and a half of beets, which could explain some of his recent unusual gastro-intestinal symptoms.

Will gets put on the hot seat over his date with a listener at the Van Halen concert. He was late, he may or may not have showered, he wore a faded hoodie and a tattered baseball cap, he took no video or photos as our boss had ordered, and he showed no interest in a listener who was a very good sport. We put Jenni on the phone, who says despite his failings, she would be willing to see Will again, but Will indicates that once was probably enough.

Danny Bonaduce, Life Coach, reassures a woman with two DUIs who is in the middle of months of having to wear an ankle bracelet, and who wants to know if it gets better.

At least something comes of Jenni’s unfortunate experience with Will: it inspired a segment! Listeners recall their bad-date stories.

All this, and Danny shares his thoughts on how the show’s first happy-hour get-together went, on today’s Danny Bonaduce Show.

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