Today On The Danny Bonaduce Show – Monday, March 26

A cure for baldness…

Danny says Sarah is in trouble because she suggested getting a soda maker at Costco, which led to Danny accidentally poisoning himself and his wife. This prompts mention of cars, feet, rotating vibrating condoms, Cadbury eggs, and bunny rabbits. It’s true.

Scientists have discovered a protein that could lead to bald men growing new hair. How do you feel about baldness? Does it freak out the guys and turn off the women? Or are efforts to cover it up more of a turn off than the baldness?

Danny Bonaduce, Life Coach, counsels a father whose son spent the night in jail for driving without a license on what to do next.

Schools move to ban skinny jeans. First jeans were too loose, now they’re too tight. How do you feel about school dress codes and skinny jeans? And what article of clothing, if you were all-powerful, would you ban?

All this, and a spirited debate about which member of the show the rest of us would eat if we had to, on today’s Danny Bonaduce Show.



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