Today On The Danny Bonaduce Show – Monday, March 19

Your GPS commands you…

Danny believes Will’s hoodie is mocking him. Also potentially mocking people are car GPS systems, including one that guided a couple in Australia to drive into the ocean, and Danny’s, which advised him to turn left at suh-FEE-co Field. In other news, Danny saw “Hugo” and loved it, but still hates Sasha Baron Cohen.

Research says scaring a date with a rollercoaster or a scary movie really does help a guy score. Is the fear factor really advantageous when it comes to advancing the relationship?

Danny Bonaduce, Life Coach, advises a guy who wants to work in radio on the best ways to break into the business.

Despite having many tattoos, Danny has very little tattoo regret. Do you have any tattoo regret? One caller regrets that his tattoo artist was very sad that day and his tattoo reflects that.

All this, and why you should never, ever do the monkey dance late, on today’s Danny Bonaduce Show.

  • Mookie

    Danny I really need to talk with you as a life coach but not for a radio bit my life was great with a clear bright future and one catastrophe ruined everything about me. Single dad with for awesome well behaved good natured children. Never mind love your show and sometimes I think wow this dude knows what I’ve been through n want to talk with you but I realize what your job is and respect that. I’m just glad we have a real man on am radio in Seattle.

  • Joe Boerner

    ysp in philly now SUCKS since ya left

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