We’re Giving Away $8K A Day!

Could you use an extra $1,000?  In this economy? Are you kidding? We are NOT!

KZOK and everyone in the Great Pacific Northwest takes on the rest of the country in a knock-down-drag-out-phone-fight for Free Money!  We’re giving away $1,000, Eight times a day, Monday through Friday between 5am and 5pm (PST). How do you win?  Just listen to Seattle’s Classic Rock Station 102.5 KZOK, and when you hear THIS

Call:    1-866-327-9946          That’s 1-866-E-A-S-Y-W-I-N           CALLER 110 WINS $1,000!   

And to help out, we’ll send you the exact times the sounder will go off straight to your phone!   Just text the word MONEY to 24300. Msg/Data Rates May Apply

This is a national contest.  Due to delays in the Station’s streaming broadcast, listeners to the online stream may not be able to timely participate in any KZOK-conducted on-air contests.  Listeners to the online stream are encouraged to listen to KZOK live on-air.

Here are the Complete Rules!  Good Luck and Happy Dialing!

  • http://kzok8kadaygiveaway mary canfield

    when i called, a recording from verizon said i’d reached a non-working number! wonder why? love kzok- seattle’s best ROCK!

    • Camryn

      Yes, that is the phone company’s version of, “the number you are dialing is busy” It’s the right number and it works! Keep trying!

      • http://kzok mary canfield

        thank you Camryn

  • Tenea

    Is there a local number to use?

    • http://scottvanderpool.wordpress.com scottvanderpool

      Hi Tenea…If you mean for the $8K A Day contest? Then, sorry, there isn’t. It’s a national contest running on some 45 CBS radio stations simultaneously. 1-866-EASY-WIN (1-866-327-9946) Good luck!

  • Sherry

    is there a new number? the number listed above is “disconnected” :-(

    • http://scottvanderpool.wordpress.com scottvanderpool

      Not disconnected, Sherry, it’s just that sometimes when lots of people are trying to call at the same time it crashes the phone system…it’s kind of an electronic crap-shoot, but someone always gets through and wins $1000. For this contest we’re competing with the listeners of 40-some-odd CBS radio stations all over America, so far 5 people in Seattle have won….1-866-EASY-WIN…that’s 1-866-327-9946…..keep trying, and good luck!

      • Ken Glidden

        Do Greener grads qualify Scott? ;)

        Ken -class of ’84

      • http://scottvanderpool.wordpress.com scottvanderpool

        As a graduate of TESC you not only qualify, but should consider it your civic duty to relieve the corporate ogre of excess cash.

  • Sonya

    It says non working number! What’s up with that?

    • http://scottvanderpool.wordpress.com scottvanderpool

      Hi Sonya….This is a national contest running on some 40 odd CBS radio stations simultaneously….so far 6 people in Seattle have won $1000…but admittedly it’s an electronic crap shoot using the phone system. 1-866-EASY-WIN (I know…it’s not that easy) that’s 1-866-327-9946. Thousands of people are trying to call at the same time, and we have had reports of getting every automated error message possible, including non-working number….but keep trying…people are winning! Good luck!

      • Sonya

        Thank you for your reply. Quick question tho…how long should I call the #? Do you know how many minutes go by before the winner gets through?

      • http://scottvanderpool.wordpress.com scottvanderpool

        That I don’t know…exactly. I had a winner from Puyallup yesterday, and it was probably 15-20 minutes before the guy who mans the national contest phone number called me to let me know we had a local winner. He answers the phone 110 times, every time.

  • Jamie

    I called in last friday and heard a recording that said I was the 101st caller. Might have said 110th caller. Did I mess up? Does the guy answer the phone in person?

    • http://scottvanderpool.wordpress.com scottvanderpool

      If you were the 110th, a guy would most definitely answer the phone somewhere at CBS HQ in NYC. Then he would call the KZOK control room hotline (I’m supposed to kill anyone who even knows it exists) and give us your phone number. Then we would call you and record you giving us the obligatory “Woo Hoo Look At Me” for use on-air. Then you would enjoy having a free $1000 (before taxes). Good luck!

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