The Top 1000 Countdown Has Concluded

It was fun while it lasted! From Christmas Day to now, 1000 of the best Classic Rock songs as our gift to you.

Now that every note has been played, you can relive the Top 1000 for yourself. The entire list is now available HERE.

You can also have access to every post during the countdown just by clicking here as well.

The Top 1000 was brought to you by The Snoqualmie Tobacco and Liquor Company, and the home of Classic Rock, 102.5 KZOK.

  • Chris

    Yes a few songs have been put in place of others, I was surprised to see a couple Beach Boys tunes. But I must say, I really hate seeing Young Man Blues and Yours Is No Disgrace taken out when there are some others that probably should’ve gone before those. But as far as some of the songs in the top 20 or so, I’m glad to finally see some of the best songs back where they deserve. So I must say chances are this is one of the better lists recently. :)

  • George W. Jeffery

    Please make the top ranked Van Halen song Can’t Stop Loving You for next year’s Top !000 Classic Rock Songs Of All Time 2012….BR slipped to #95…ouch for queen fans :-)

  • Chris

    I just noticed something for the very first time, it’s not here and it hasn’t been in the last few years… What the hell ever happened to Who Are You? That has always been a top Who track!!!

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