Get Ready! Former Partridge Family Star Danny Bonaduce Joins KZOK On Monday November 14

Yeah, that’s right.  You used to know him as Danny Partridge, or as a reality TV star, and now you’re going to know him as the new Morning Show host on 102.5 KZOK.  Starting at 5:45am on Monday November 14th, KZOK is proud to present the Danny Bonaduce Show. [photogallerylink id=40176 align=right]

Why Seattle? Danny answers that question with, ”Seattle is the most beautiful city I have ever seen. Plus, I’ve never been arrested there, so that’s good. The first time I saw Seattle, I thought someone put a major metropolitan city in the middle of Yosemite National Park. I can’t believe I get to live and work there. I’m about coming to Seattle because I met my wife at Starbucks. Can’t wait to go to the very first Starbucks. It’s like the holy grail.”

He also adds, “I can’t wait to ride the S.L.U.T., and your trolley. You know that Seattle is a great music town. Did you know that Seattle was the first city to play the Beatles on the radio? This is the place for me.”

It’s going to be an amazing show, and 102.5 KZOK The Classic Rock Station can’t wait to bring Danny’s talent, wit and style to you on November 14th along with his Co-Host Sarah.

Want to leave a comment for Danny? Just write one in below.

  • Bill

    Glad to have you as an addition to our fine airwaves! Heard you on WYSP a few times and it sounded great!

  • Lee Hoffman

    Great meeting you tonight at Branzino on 2nd and Wall.. Come back anytime!!!

  • http://Andrade Tony

    Anybody know if Sarah will be on the show also – she was great on WYSP!

    • Bob

      I heard she is

  • JUDY

    Danny, welcome and good luck on your new adventure! Enjoy your “Holy Grail” experience (don’t forget to bless the Starbucks staff with your infectious wit and humor!) Looking forward to catching your new show on 11/14/11… :o) Blueyzct from Connecticut :o)

  • Mike opelski

    Danny I will be listening to you from Philly everyday, sad to see you go, but glad you’re back on the radio, still want to be the one millionth hand shake, Hope to run into when you are back in Philly

  • John

    Many people don’t like Danny, but believe it or not he is actually a pretty good radio host. I listnened to him on occcasion on WYSP when I was near Philly. I think he’ll do a good job at KZOK. Have fun in Seattle.

  • PRS

    Kill me now. Two sinking ships going down together. Can’t beleive he’s cheaper than Rivers. Oh wait, yes I can. There must be syndication deal in the works. Philly, now Seattle…Next stop Eugene.

  • Eva

    Okay, so Danny Bonaduce comes to Seattle…meh.

    What happens to Scott Vanderpool? The “Home Town Hero” is one of the best things to happen to KZOK over the past year.

    • Dick Minyard

      Ya where is Scott?He knows classic rock inside and out.I gave up kzok when Bob Rivers was on,I want to hear music not some guy flapping his gums.Hope Danny plays music or I will go back to KISM 92.9.

      • Coop

        Scott will be part of the Danny Bonaduce Show, right there with Danny and Sarah starting Monday November 14th.

  • tami

    miss you here in LA Danny!

  • Jeff

    So is it going to be another talk radio station again? Why doesn’t anybody play music in the morning slot? I guess I’ll be switching stations again.

    • Bob

      Danny’s GREAT, just give him a chance. I’ve been following him from L.A. (fm talk), to Philly (WYSP) and now Seattle.

  • Bob

    What a horrific mistake, no one in Seattle wants to listen to him run off at the mouth. PLAY MUSIC!

    • Jennifer

      I heard he will be playing music. :-)

  • Debbie

    So excited to hear that Danny will be back on the air! Have missed him! Debbie – Phoenix

  • Richard E.Nagle

    danny I listened to you every morning on my ride into center city Philly,you and your crew made it a quick ride,really of luck to you and Sarah..R.Nagle Blue Bell Pa

  • Jay Cannon

    Duuuude! We miss you and Sarah in Philly!!! My mornings suck now. You totally f’ing rock! Preston and Steve are a steaming pile of…… I won’t even mention the former rock station here. Ugh. BTW, my sister lives in Seattle, say hi for me. My wife still thinks you should have staged a hostile takeover at MMR….you easily could have taken them.

  • Kathy

    Yay! Been missing you in my day! Let’s see with the new location, you should be about 2 hours behind me. Should be able to catch most of your show live now.
    Hope you do a pod cast too though.

    You flew over me. but that’s ok.

    Good Luck Danny!

  • Brummel

    Soooooo I guess we’re not going striper fishing off Atlantic City on saturday the 19th???? Knock em dead in The Emerald City, I know you & Sarah will!

  • Arnie

    I would rather listen to old tapes of Robin and Maynard. Or, y’know, silence. Pretty much anything other than Bonaduce.

  • MaryLou

    Danny, Best of luck to you and Amy and Sarah in Seattle. I miss you in the mornings here in Philly. I’ll do my best to listen in. Hope everyone treats you grand, and, oh, by the way, did i tell you I miss you and Sarah and Gibbons in the morning?

    Best of luck!!!!! Philly misses you!

  • Christine

    This news made my week! While I know you’re going to miss Philly, and I know Philly misses you as well – I for one, am very glad you’ve wound up in a city as beautiful as Seattle! Can’t wait until November 14th! Will be listening, along with your many fans!!

  • Bob

    Hey Danny, Best of luck with your new show in Seattle. We here in Philly really miss you in the morning on the great 94WYSP. Alot of us will especially miss your life coach segment. I know many of us here in Philadelphia will be streaming to listen to you once again on 102.5 KZOK.

    Williamstown, NJ

  • Marc Rubenstein

    You rocked in Philly Danny! A major loss for us and a major gain for Seattle!! Seattle, you will love him as I listened to his show in Philadelphia for the years he was on the air. He was the hardest working DJ in Philly as I saw him at several locations.He was always approachable and loved hanging out with the people. I will now have to listen on line starting 11-14-11. I wish you all the best and hope you come back to Philly again someday!
    Good Luck!
    Marc Rubenstein , Philadelphia

  • lukain

    I really hope Sarah is coming too.. & will the show be Podcasts ? I am in australia

  • Beth

    So I’m taking a walk in Ballard, and this guy riding a tandem bike (by himself) and wearing this huge leather bomber jacket asks me if he can cross the Ballard Bridge on his bike without getting hit by a car. As I’m explaining to him that, yes, there is a sidewalk that he can ride on, I realize I’m talking to Danny Bonaduce. Yes, Mr. Bonaduce, to answer your question to me, you did look weird on a tandem by yourself. But hey, I was taking a walk with a clear punchbowl ladle in my hand, so who am I to talk?!

    Welcome to Seattle. Looking forward to your show.

  • dennis

    Welcome to Seattle Danny. You’re gonna be a good fit I think. I’ve been following his career since he first got busted back in the day! Bring it on Bonaduce! Let’s see if you got what it takes to survive in Seattle! LOL

  • Mike

    I have been listening to Danny and Sarah for the past 2 years via I-Tunes. I downloaded the podcast everyday. Danny is not the drug addicted trouble maker anymore, and his partner Sarah is a beautiful and smart addition to Danny’s humor. His voice is rough, but he is a great broadcaster, has a million stories. Give Danny and Sarah a chance, and you too will luv him! I hope the station posts a podcast so I can continue to listen!

    • Tara

      Couldn’t have said it better myself! Glad to have you back Danny.

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