Sebastian Bach Loses His Home In Hurricane Irene

Sebastian Bach told us this week that he is a ”homeless rock star” living out of a hotel because his home was ruined by flooding caused by Hurricane Irene a couple weeks ago.
The former Skid Row singer told us what things at his home are like now.
“My house is condemned.  I can’t even… I can only go in there, I gotta where a mask.  It’s all like toxic f****ing black mold, you know my lungs are all f***ed up right now, I gotta go to the doctor.  It’s a horrible, horrible situation.”
Bas went on to say what he lost in the storm.
 ”I lost everything in my basement pretty much and it was like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame down there and it was insane.  It was on MTV Cribs, it was on VH1 a million times (sighs).  It’s very miserable.  It’s not any fun to talk about.”
Sebastian told us he never expected something like this to happen.
“I never had a drop of water in 20 years in the house, nothing, zero and then the water came in and destroyed the foundation and the whole side of the house is gone.  The water was up to my knees on the second level of the house, which is just astonishing.”
As for why it all occurred, the rocker has an idea that he shared with us.
 ”You know, it’s gotta be global warming.  I don’t hear anybody talking about global warming but it’s like, logically, the ice caps melt and the ocean levels rise and now my house is destroyed.  To me it makes logical sense (laughs).”
It’s not all bad news for Bach though.  Later this month, he’ll be releasing a new solo record called Kicking and Screaming.

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