Have You Logged On To JimmyPage.com Yet?

Yesterday Jimmy Page launched his new website which features all kinds of his past, present and will highlight his future work. Page was responsible for the vision of this site, which requires you register first before exploring what the site has to offer.

Each day an event from Page’s career will be highlighted through video, audio, rare images as well as unreleased material. The cool thing is that each event will also be matched with a personal message from Page. Each entry will only be up for 24 hours, so you will have to get used to checking in daily if you don’t want to miss anything.

Eventually the site will also be an online store selling rare and exclusive pieces.  ”I’ve had the domain name for a number of years,” Page said. “I’ve just been sitting on it and a number of people had made approaches about setting something up and it got to a point that it felt it was the right time to put the website together.”

You can see it for yourself here. Have fun! Here is a very very young Jimmy Page from a BBC interview in 1957.



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